Shoe Repairs

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Shoe Repairs & Alterations

We offer a quality, ladies and gents shoe repair service of good quality workmanship with years of experience. Our cobblers can work their magic on:

  • New Shoes – Leather or Rubber heels
  • Toe Piece – Metal
  • Stretch – Depending on Shoe
  • Repair at Seems to Attch Back to Soles
  • Bring Cowboy Boots Back to Life
  • Leather Bag Repairs
  • Ladies leather Goods – Restich and punch holes in Belts
  • New Tip of Heels on Stiletto
  • New Block heels
  • Soles
  • Restiching on Ugg Boots
  • Boots Taper at Calf if Too Wide
  • Free Shine & Polish With Every Repair

Should I have my shoes repaired? Is it worth it?

We are often asked “I don’t know if its worth it”. Well we say “If its your favourite comfy shoes of course it is!”.

Its worth giving them a second chance, so bring your favourite shoes, heels or boots to us and we can bring them back to life. Shoe repairs is one of the oldest professions yet we see more and more young people looking to mend and repair  their favourite shoes.

Call tel: 0141 556 4004 or click here to contact Esther by email for more info.

Ladies and Gents Shoe Repairs. We can also replace the zipp on some leather bags.